VeyFo® E-Selenium-Mulgat

to prevent Vitamin E and Selenium deficiency

Vitamin E and Selenium deficiencies very often are the cause for disorders of udder health, increased milk cell counts and fertility disorders. Feeding this Supplementary-/Dietetic Feed VeyFo® E-Selenium-Mulgat will prevent deficiencies of nutritional origin.

VeyFo® E-Selenium-Mulgat contains organically bonded Selenomethionine in addition to Sodium selenite. It is characterized by its excellent tolerance and high bioavailability. There is a close relationship in the functions of Vitamin E and Selenium in protecting the cell membranes from oxidation playing a key role in udder health thus achieving improved resistance to mastitis pathogens.

VeyFo® E-Selenium-Mulgat can be fed directly into the mouth or via the feed or water. The special formulation in the form of a microemulsion ensures a high absorption in the small intestine.

The product is offered in a 500 ml bottle.

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