Veyx-Pharma opens a new laboratory
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The family business

Veyx-Pharma is a medium-sized family-owned veterinary pharmaceutical enterprise based in Germany. Since its inception in 1984, our company focuses on preventive health maintenance and the ensured performance of farm animals and pets. This concept defers from the traditional mindset of only treating sick animals.

We also work on customized solutions for therapy. Our products and range of services equal the the consumer request for residue-free and riskfree food of animal origin. We also offer products for horses and pets.

Research in focus

Research and development are the most important areas for our company. Our scientific department maintains a close relationship with universities and research facilities in Germany and abroad. The intensive contact to agriculture and animal holders creates products that are needed in practice.

Veyx-Pharma ensures the effectiveness, quality and safety of products with responsible and consequent controlling. Production takes place in GMP-certified production facilities with modern standards.

Quality as top priority

Veyx-Pharma is QS- and VLOG-system partner ­ dietetic and complementary feeds are accordingly QS-certified and VLOG-approved.

Veyx is a registered brand:

Veterinary pharmaceuticals, dietetic/complementary feeds and animal care products: these product groups are easily distinguishable by their different designs and brands.

Dietetic/complementary feeds have the umbrella brand VeyFo®.

Animal care products unify under the umbrella brand SanDitan®.

Veterinary pharmaceuticals have individual brands.

Veyx International

Over the years, the enterprise has become a more and more internationally operating group. Today, this group with their headquarters in Schwarzenborn, Germany, comprises own manufacturing plants for active ingredients, various pharmaceutical forms as well as world wide distibution.

Veyx-products are approved for marketing from Chile to China, from Canada to Egypt in more than 60 countries. Veyx-Pharma has subsidiaries in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia.


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