SanDitan® Zeolite-Powder

protection of the skin

The animal care product SanDitan® Zeolite-Powder perfectly protects skin lesions. The product is simply sprinkled onto the affected parts of the skin and absorbs liquids immediately (e.g. on seeping parts) and forms a breathable layer. Wounds are given long-term protection against soiling. SanDitan® Zeolite-Powder does not produce a burning or itching sensation.

SanDitan® Zeolite-Powder is a pure natural product. It contains 98.8 % clinoptilolite-zeolite-mineral, pure zeolite stone flour.

It is characterised by its especially high absorption and water binding capacity. Just 1 gram of zeolite can comprise a surface area of up to 1000 m2.

SanDitan® Zeolite-Powder is offered in a 60 g bottle.

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