SanDitan® Panazym-Zinc Spray

skin care

SanDitan® Panazym-Zinc Spray is an animal care product for strained parts of the skin containing enzymes, zinc oxide, allantoin, lanolin as well as vitamins.

Enzymes, allantoin and vitamins promote the calming of irritated skin and the subsiding of redness. Natural wool lanolin provides protection from soreness. Zinc oxide forms a protective layer thus preventing any soiling or moisture from reaching the skin and effectively protecting it from UV-radiation.

The formulation in the form of an aerosol is easy to handle. The product does not contain any inhibitors and does not cauterize. It can therefore be used several times a day without any problem.

SanDitan® Panazym-Zinc Spray is offered in a 150 ml aerosol can.

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