New packaging size

VeyFo® Antilax Bacto Ferm LauriBiotic

For a healthy gut

For VeyFo® Antilax Bacto Ferm LauriBiotic, a 100 g sachet to be dissolved in 1 litre of water is newly offered. Depending on business size and practical needs, it is now possible to choose between the package sizes 100 x 100 g sachets or the 5 kg bucket which continues to be available.

The complementary feed with particular nutritional purposes has been proven for many years and stabilises the physiological digestion as well as the water and electrolyte balance in calves, piglets, foals, lambs and goat kids.

VeyFo® Antilax Bacto Ferm LauriBiotic contains mono-lauric acid and the probiotic Enterococcus faecium. Mono-lauric acid is known for its antimicrobial properties while Enterococcus faecium supports the release of additional antimicrobial substances.

Through the combination of bentonite, vitamin E, iron, electrolytes and energy/ nutrient providers dietetically significant aims are achieved: replacement of fluid and electrolyte losses, correction of the acid-base balance disorder, provision with easily digestible energy sources, protection of the intestinal mucosa and promotion of the development of friendly gut bacteria.

VeyFo® Antilax Bacto Ferm LauriBiotic is QS-certified.

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