VeyFo® Antilax OligoLyt

oral rehydration solution

VeyFo® Antilax OligoLyt is an oral rehydration solution for calves, piglets, foals, lambs and kids.

This supplementary dietetic feed is intended to stabilise the water and electrolyte balance as well as to support normal digestion. Moreover, VeyFo® Antilax OligoLyt also has a positive effect on the acid-base-balance and provides the animal with easily digestible energy sources.

VeyFo® Antilax OligoLyt contains the oligosaccharides Maltodextrin, Maltose and Maltotriose for the provision of energy. Thus, the product is characterised by a high-energy content despite being slightly hypotonic.

VeyFo® Antilax OligoLyt is a powder to prepare a ready-to-use solution for rehydration offered in a
1 kg can.

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