VeyFo® Pulmo-Mulgat

for horses

Disorders of the respiratory tract occur in particular in the wintertime. The natural herbal oils and herbal extracts contained in VeyFo® Pulmo-Mulgat promote unhindered breathing.

VeyFo® Pulmo-Mulgat contains a well-balanced composition of natural vital nutrients that has proven very effective: Liquorice-, Echinacea-, Eucalyptus-, Mountain pine-, Peppermint-, Sage- and Lemon oils as well as Propolis.

These vital nutrients serve to regulate the metabolic processes in the respiratory tract, (e.g. through the breakdown of mucus) and in addition support the disease resistance function of the lungs. Through the special preparation in the form of a microemulsion, an almost complete absorption of the essential nutrients and active ingredients is secured in the gut. It is easy to dose and is readily consumed by the horse.

VeyFo®Pulmo-Mulgat is available in a 500 ml bottle.

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