VeyFo® Young Animal-Oral-Mulgat


The general use of antibiotics and sulphonamides for the treatment of digestive disorders associated with diarrhoea is controversial. For this reason Veyx-Pharma developed the Supplementary-/Dietetic Feed VeyFo® Young Animal-Oral-Mulgat containing the Aet-O-Cid Complex.

VeyFo® Young Animal-Oral-Mulgat can be fed to a variety of animals directly into the mouth or via the feed or water. In piglets it is intended to stabilize the digestive system in the presence of a risk of, during and after digestive upsets (diarrhoea) as well as in the recovery phase, in dogs it is intended to compensate for digestive disorders. In calves, foals, lambs and goat kids VeyFo® Young Animal-Oral-Mulgat is intended to supplement the daily standard ration for short-terms increased needs.

VeyFo® Young Animal -Oral-Mulgat contains herbal Oils, Cellulose, Vitamins, Calcium-D-Pantothenate as well as the den Aet-O-Cid-Complex comprising of, amongst others, Origanum oil, Camomile and Fennel.

VeyFo® Young Animal -Oral-Mulgat is offered in a 10 ml oral injector (syringe).

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