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VeyFo® Imbac® ColoCur in case of indigestion

New at Veyx-Pharma is the dietetic/complementary feed VeyFo® Imbac® ColoCur. The phytodiet contains trace elements, vitamins, herbs, natural oils, the clay mineral bentonite and Enterococcus faecium, a highly active stabiliser of the digestive flora.

VeyFo® Imbac® ColoCur stabilises the physiological digestion in case of, during or after indigestion, supports nutritional transition during nutritional imbalances and helps with weaning.

Finley tuned compositions of varied ingredients fulfill many tasks within the intestines:

- they ensure the removal of toxins,
- offer a large settlement area for useful intestinal organisms,
- and support the function of the intestinal flora and thus a stable physiological digestion.

VeyFo® Imbac® ColoCur is available throughout the intestine due to its special composition while being absorbed easily and quickly.

VeyFo® Imbac® ColoCur is available in a practical doser for direct application. The 10 g doser for dogs, cats, rabbits and small rodents, the 10 x 10 g and 100 g doser for foals, calves, piglets, lambs and goat kids.

The product is available at veterinary practices.

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