Help for flooding victims

Veyx-Pharma donates

Veyx-Pharma donates 10,000 EUR to the Fluthilfe-Ahr e. V.

This year, Veyx-Pharma decided on donating money instead of sending their traditional Christmas Stollen to customers.

The normally beautiful Ahrtal was hit by a flooding disaster in 2021, a presumed symptom of climate change. Up to 150 litres of rain fell per square metre and the water level of the Ahr rose to a historic record of nine metres. A flood wave arrived in a matter of minutes and tore through the valley with unimaginable strength for 40 kilometres. Over 130 people died in the floods.

“Many victims are still suffering; their needs should not be forgotten. Because of that, we decided against sending a Christmas gift to our customers this year”, said managing director Dr. Silke Engl, “and donated 10,000 EUR to the Fluthilfe-Ahr e.V. (flood relief Ahr association) in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler instead. The money will be used for rebuilding projects and to process the flooding disaster in the Ahrtal.

The donation handover was conducted on the second Advent Sunday and was received by Michaela Wolff, first chairwoman of the association. The photo shows the Ahr calmly flowing in the background. Consequences of the flood are still visible everywhere after one year, but many rebuilding projects were already successful.

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