VeyFo® Veyxapron

stimulation of Rumen Mobility

High-yielding cows particularly but also ewes suffer from metabolic stress during the first weeks after calving/lambing which means an increased risk of ketosis/acetonaemia.

The target of feeding the Dietetic Feed VeyFo® Veyxapron is the provision of easily absorbable energy and the nutritional recovery of the rumen to its normal active state and consequently the reactivation of the rumination process per se thus reducing the risk of ketosis/acetonaemia.

VeyFo® Veyxapron contains, amongst others, Sodium propionate as an energy provider and the yeasts contained in the product play an important role in stimulating and maintaining ruminal peristalsis.

VeyFo® Veyxapron is offered in the following package sizes: 100 x 100 g sachet and in a 5 kg bag.

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