Investing into the future

Veyx-Pharma is building a new laboratory

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Notwithstanding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Veyx-Pharma sticks to its investment planning which also includes a new building for a laboratory at its headquarters in Schwarzenborn, Germany.

„Our existing laboratory has become too small. The new building with a size of 300 m2 will enable us to increase our development capacities”, says managing director Dr. Silke Engl. „It is furthermore a commitment to our location and clearly demonstrates our goal to be a market player over the long term.”

The laboratory of Veyx is used to perform quality assurance and quality control of the veterinary pharmaceuticals, complementary feeds and animal care products. Accordingly, it is certified in compliance with the standard of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Veyx-Pharma is a medium-sized enterprise founded in 1984 that has grown into an internationally operating group over the years. Today, the company exports its products into more than 60 countries. Alongside with company founder Armin Heß, his daughter Dr. Silke Engl is managing director.

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