For horses

VeyFo® Arthro Navicon forte, Entero Mukosa-Trin and Pulmo Herba-Lyt

Veyx-Pharma has expanded its product portfolio by a range of new dietetic complementary feeds for horses. All three products distinguish themselves by their particular manufacturing process and the special formulation with a high amount of herbs.

The products are manufactured as granules that are cold-pressed at temperatures below 40 °C. Due to their finely tuned selection of herbs, the products are readily accepted by horses. The gentle processing method and the vacuum packaging ensure that the ingredients and essential oils contained in the herbs can fully develop their effects.

VeyFo® Arthro Navicon forte promotes the locomotor system. Among others, it contains horsetail, stinging nettle and further essential nutrients such as glucosamine, chondroitine, calcium, vitamin E, selenium as well as organic and inorganic sulphur.

VeyFo® Entero Mukosa-Trin supports the gastrointestinal tract. Among others, it contains psyllium husks, alfalfa, marshmallow, seaweed and bentonite.

VeyFo® Pulmo Herba-Lyt supports the functions of the lower and upper respiratory tracts. Among others, it contains fennel, thyme, wild garlic, peppermint, liquorice as well as eucalyptus and propolis.                                                         

VeyFo® Arthro Navicon is available in a 1.8 kg bucket, VeyFo® Entero Mukosa-Trin in a 2.5 kg bucket and VeyFo® Pulmo Herba-Lyt in a 600 g bucket. A dosing aid is supplied with the products.

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